Commission tracking that works like magic.

Sion is the way forward-thinking agencies & independent advisors track and manage their travel commissions.
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Core Features

Built to do one thing – get you paid.

And Sion does that one thing better than anyone else. How? Well, that’s part of the magic.

But since you asked, it starts with the belief that commissions can’t be outsourced.

No one cares more about your bookings than you.


Sion works like you do.

In-house and independent advisors. Commission splits on top of commission splits. Multiple host agencies and IATAs. Modern travel agencies are complicated. Sion isn’t.

Stop fighting against your software, and take control of your data again with Sion.

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More than just GDS SyncinG

Effortless invoicing.

You can’t track what you don’t know. With realtime GDS integrations, file-based importing, and our famous ten-second manual entry, missing bookings are a thing of the past.

Easy invoicing plus clean, actionable data makes Sion the software you’ve been looking for—one that both advisors and accountants love to use.

One-Click Commission Chasing

Commission chasing has never been easier.

Generate beautiful statements to follow-up on past-due commissions with a single click.

  • Live statements let hotels respond to individual line items. No back-and-forth.
  • Don't get stuck in "Onyx limbo." Get paid faster with  direct payment options.
  • Get paid from anywhere in the world with our digital payment integration.
Reconcile Payments in Hours minutes

A bookkeeping assistant from the future.

Tired of sifting through Onyx files? Then your agency must not be on Sion yet. Sion makes quick work of even the most unruly EFTs. Your advisor statements will literally generate themselves.

And with payable invoices, suppliers can pay you directly—bypassing “Onyx limbo,” and getting you paid in days, instead of weeks.

AutomAted commission StatementS

Pay your ICs faster and with less effort.

Flexible, scheduled, and accurate commission statements so everyone gets paid on time.

  • Just add payments and watch your commission statements generate themselves.
  • Answer questions directly on the statement with live commenting.
  • Attract and retain the best ICs by paying faster and more frequently than the other guys.
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Customer Feedback

Not to brag, but our users love us.

Here’s what real people have to say about Sion.
“Best business decision I ever made”
“Game changer”
“There is nothing like this out there”
"So user friendly!"
“Sion is the best thing since Coca-Cola”
“We've doubled our volume since signing up”
“I’ll never work without Sion again”
“This is magic”
“This is amazing, honestly”
“Sion makes reconciliation super easy!”
“This has truly changed the way our agency operates”
“Sion uncomplicates the process”
“My only wish is I could spend more time in Sion”
“I just did a walk-through and am obsessed”
“You guys are frickin’ rockin’ the house”
“I no longer panic at the end of the month”

If you book travel, Sion is for you.

Sion was built from the ground up for travel businesses like yours by a team that has been in your shoes. That’s why Sion is as easy to use for an independent travel advisor as it is for global TMC (or so they’ve told us).

We help our customers grow.

Every day Sion is trusted with tracking commissions for more bookings.
Booking Revenue Tracked in Sion
Are You Next?

1,000+ travel agencies trust Sion with over one million bookings.

Partners with travel industry leaders
Great Customer Service.

Change can be scary.
But Sion will be with you every step of the way.

Made for you

Sion is made by travel advisors for travel advisors, so we promise, you’ll “get” it from the moment you log in.

Need help?

Not a computer person? Don't worry. We've got a how-to article for that.

Let’s chat.

No robots here. Get your questions answered by a real person in real time. Sion is always here for you.

Plus, we’ll help you migrate your data.

Software for travel advisors that pays for itself.

An easy to use, beautifully designed, meticulously engineered platform with white glove service for the modern travel business.
But more importantly, it actually works. Sion helps you make money.

Frequently asked questions

How much does Sion cost?

Sion’s pricing is based on usage and number of seats, but you can get started for as little as $50/month.

Does Sion work for independent advisors? 

Absolutely. Sion was built with contractors in mind from day one. You’ll enjoy a full Sion account and can operate as your own agency because you are your own agency. Your host doesn’t have to sign up for you to save yourself from spreadsheets, missing commissions, and clunky software.

Does Sion work for any type of travel agency?

Yes, Sion is flexible enough to accommodate any agency model: TMCs, host agencies, OTAs, even some consortia and DMCs. No matter your current processes and tech stack, if you have (or have access to) an IATA number, there’s a place for Sion in your travel business.

Can I import my historical data?

You sure can. Our self-service importer supports booking and payment files in (almost) any format. And if your data is . . . well . . . a little messy, our team will work closely with you to ensure your Sion account is clean from day one. We’ve helped our customers import historical data from Trams, ClientBase, TravelJoy, TravelContact, Agresso, Sabre, and even home-grown systems and spreadsheets.

Is Sion a travel agency CRM? 

Sion is a new kind of travel software. We do one thing—get you paid—and do that one thing really well.... But, every Sion account ships with an integrated CRM, saving the need for an additional software (and monthly bill 😉). This empowers Sion customers to deliver superior service effortlessly, by utilizing features such as tracking important dates, setting reminders, managing loyalty programs, accommodating dietary preferences, and integrating Virtuoso marketing.

Ready to say goodbye to spreadsheets?
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