Taking the pain out of
travel commissions
with powerfully simple software.

Sion is a technology company that is fanatic about crafting a best-in-class
experience for travel and hospitality professionals by providing software that
solves real-world issues, magically.


Our Team

We’re a passionate group of experts in travel and technology, making commissions easier for everyone.

Albert Usaqui
Full Stack Engineer
Alfons Musry
Co-Founder & COO
Dan Orlando
Account Executive
Delfina Teran
Marketing Manager
Francisco Quintero
Sr. Front End Engineer
Gail Concepcion Lugtu
VP of Partnerships
Irving Betesh
Co-Founder & CEO
Joshua Martinez
Sr. Front End Engineer
Kevin Bigelow
Sr. Front End Engineer
Laura Mandinach
Head of Customer Success
Mark Nauroth
Co-Founder & CTO
Randy Masters
VP of Travel Technology
In Revenue Managed

Every day Sion is trusted to manage and track more bookings.

Invoice Follow Up Success Rate

Over 85% of our followups result in a payment, with little to no effort.

Delighted Travel Agencies

Travel professionals switching to Sion and never looking back.

Agency Growth YoY

Up to 100% booking volume growth just one year after switching to Sion.


Engineering travel software magic.

Customer Focus: Our end users are at the center of our decision making. We are building modern tools for the frustrated ICs, exhausted host agency managers, overwhelmed bookkeepers, and stressed agency operators. We build for them.

Speed: Sion was built to be fast from day one, and that has bled into everything we do as a company—from support request to reconciliation algorithms. It all adds up to our customers getting paid faster.

Simplicity: Our customers shouldn’t need to think twice when using Sion. We strive to find ways to design that feel as intuitive as posting on social media, but solve complex tasks like matching Onyx payments.

Collaboration: Building great software for the travel industry is not trivial. Its a collaborative effort of an amazing group of humans across a wide range of disciplines.


Backed by leading travel tech companies.

Finally, take the stress out of getting paid

With Sion’s powerfully simple commission management tools.